The Minor Opera

Those days were the days of love. We were wild and free. We were young and beautiful. In the velvet moonlight, dancing by the beach in our blue nightgowns, we couldn’t help singing each other songs all night, bewildering operas that only we could ever dare to sing. The beauty lay upon us. She was […]

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My favorite places

There is so much to love. So much to like. To make favorite. For a person like me, one place isn’t enough. I must move. See the world and it’s corners. And I can’t wait. Here I am sharing my favorite US states, countries as well as capitals. Please don’t be offended by any of […]

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Beneath the ground

Love, It’s power and it’s beauty, Even in times of grief is never forgotten. Death, life. 2 amazing words. They make sense even to the uneducated, Their sense a song sung so often. The song, a piece of melodic art. Sometimes that art is stupid. Sometimes it just makes me feel. Feelings that shall never […]

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Impulses and catechisms

Impulses are strong; catechisms are laid out across the yards of my impaired beauty. I am dusted, that’s all I am. I am dusted along the dark deep side of life, the swing of Italian beat, the slow-beat Jazz. I am on a carousel of beauty not insane, of unrealistic depression. My laughter sounds good; […]

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A sad turn in sweetness

A silence prepared like broth, conceived like life bathes me. I have nothing much, a body, a soul covered in chains and chuckles, and perhaps a few personal belongings. My intensity goes round dark corners, my love around broken alleys. My thoughts are like a drowned milky music, played over a vintage piano with crystal […]

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Spare Colors

The speculation stems from a howling lull that swirls across the sky. I watch and gaze and smile all over the gaseous arms that resides on earth as the spaceship leaves the lips of worldly land. I took a long, golden look at the fetal families of the spacemen, they were on the zenith of […]

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