Dance to be happy

In the black he is gone to an empty space.

Please pardon my tears.

I have them in buckets yet I can’t let them fall.

The shimmer of a light.

I found it awakening.

The ghost inside me has lived, but it’s beauty hasn’t.

For what can I do, I must watch my destiny being slaughtered.

Its vibrant colors springing and running.

To the shining stars.

Perhaps I shall sing their name when I am in heaven.

The slaughterhouse is far from where I live.

I shall go there one day.

I shall stay to the side for he might see me.

I shall take my revenge.

I look ugly sitting here,

But what else do I have to do?

I am not getting up, for sure.

It’s time to begin once again.

I am going to be happy again,

Be the poet I used to be.

Whose work was to untangle those untidy ropes,

With depression in their eyes.


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