Spare Colors

The speculation stems from a howling lull that swirls across the sky. I watch and gaze and smile all over the gaseous arms that resides on earth as the spaceship leaves the lips of worldly land. I took a long, golden look at the fetal families of the spacemen, they were on the zenith of […]

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I got tired of people yesterday

Yesterday was faraway, but not enough. It’s not like me to criticize, after death that is. A distance freezes the horizon, raises, by hand, a hundred splendid ways. Your eyes, like a a diamond in the craze, your mind, like clarity in haze. Drowned in a daze, a sound dancing through the music, held near […]

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My favorite places

There is so much to love. So much to like. To make favorite. For a person like me, one place isn’t enough. I must move. See the world and it’s corners. And I can’t wait. Here I am sharing my favorite US states, countries as well as capitals. Please don’t be offended by any of […]

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Beneath the ground

Love, It’s power and it’s beauty, Even in times of grief is never forgotten. Death, life. 2 amazing words. They make sense even to the uneducated, Their sense a song sung so often. The song, a piece of melodic art. Sometimes that art is stupid. Sometimes it just makes me feel. Feelings that shall never […]

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Impulses and catechisms

Impulses are strong; catechisms are laid out across the yards of my impaired beauty. I am dusted, that’s all I am. I am dusted along the dark deep side of life, the swing of Italian beat, the slow-beat Jazz. I am on a carousel of beauty not insane, of unrealistic depression. My laughter sounds good; […]

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A sad turn in sweetness

A silence prepared like broth, conceived like life bathes me. I have nothing much, a body, a soul covered in chains and chuckles, and perhaps a few personal belongings. My intensity goes round dark corners, my love around broken alleys. My thoughts are like a drowned milky music, played over a vintage piano with crystal […]

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Why have I not dared myself to see, The sad sad reality. Why have I let myself be carried away by that mesmerizing fantasy. Why have I forgotten to shiver in the cold. Cause I’m desperately happy. Too indecent to live like an ordinary being. It’s bad to be repetitive but it’s worse to be […]

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