Spare Colors

The speculation stems from a howling lull that swirls across the sky. I watch and gaze and smile all over the gaseous arms that resides on earth as the spaceship leaves the lips of worldly land. I took a long, golden look at the fetal families of the spacemen, they were on the zenith of […]

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I got tired of people yesterday

Yesterday was faraway, but not enough. It’s not like me to criticize, after death that is. A distance freezes the horizon, raises, by hand, a hundred splendid ways. Your eyes, like a a diamond in the craze, your mind, like clarity in haze. Drowned in a daze, a sound dancing through the music, held near […]

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A sad turn in sweetness

A silence prepared like broth, conceived like life bathes me. I have nothing much, a body, a soul covered in chains and chuckles, and perhaps a few personal belongings. My intensity goes round dark corners, my love around broken alleys. My thoughts are like a drowned milky music, played over a vintage piano with crystal […]

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Why have I not dared myself to see, The sad sad reality. Why have I let myself be carried away by that mesmerizing fantasy. Why have I forgotten to shiver in the cold. Cause I’m desperately happy. Too indecent to live like an ordinary being. It’s bad to be repetitive but it’s worse to be […]

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Tangerines and grenadine and margarine. I have been. Far from home on an ancient summer day. Those days were the epitomes of rock and roll. We must dance and if we must be happy. We loved. We left. We wept. Those songs I wrote were like pieces of distant dust, With the strange beauty of […]

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Dance to be happy

In the black he is gone to an empty space. Please pardon my tears. I have them in buckets yet I can’t let them fall. The shimmer of a light. I found it awakening. The ghost inside me has lived, but it’s beauty hasn’t. For what can I do, I must watch my destiny being […]

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Verses and cascades

Hi dear reader, my birthday is 2 days from now. yes you’ve heard it right, it’s on Saturday, the 1st of June. So spare yourself some time to wish me. Shine shine. Reap. Blue and black and grey. Deep violet. Empty shadows. Artworks and artists. Depressed poets. Beauty all over and all beneath. An exhibition […]

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An uncurling scream

Maybe there is a learning I do not have. and that is why i am not a good writer. I despise the precarious insanity of undoubted shivers and scribbles. Hello. Music makes me smile. I met a newspaper boy crying. There was a smile of whisky and the sound of drumbeat. A perfect pl;ace to […]

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